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Karel Bílek and Nguyên Nhu Quyên have decided to finally say “yes” to each other.

The wedding celebration will happen on Sunday, 24. 11. 2019 in Sai Gon (or Ho Chi Minh city), Viet Nam.

It will be our great honor to host you, if you can join us and attend our wedding. If you wish to attend, please fill in the form at the end of the page.

About us

Quyên and Karel met each other while they were both traveling at Taiwan.

Quyên then invited Karel to visit her home, Vietnam. Karel visited some time later, and became fascinated with the country.

Karel later invited Quyên to his country, Czech Republic. She visited him there, and was surprised about the huge Vietnamese community there.

Then they felt in love.

In summer 2018, Karel decided to move to Saigon to be closer to her, and proposed in early 2019.

And 24 November 2019, they will start a new life there. :)


First part of the wedding is the ceremony. This will happen at Quyên’s house, at District 12, in Saigon. The address will be provided later (map is approximate). Transport will be provided from your hotels.

Karel’s family and friends will follow the traditional Vietnamese wedding customs, as described a little below. (The pictures on the right are just illustrative, not our house.)

Karel’s family and friends will bring gifts to the house, as seen in the first picture.

Then a representative of Karel’s family (father) will ask Quyen’s family representative (uncle) for a marriage approval. Then, the two families together ask Quyen’s ancestors for blessings, as seen in the second picture.

This part will be in the morning (9 am), and lasts about 2 hours, with many many speeches. You can see the ceremony in a video on the right.

After the ceremony, we will have a lunch with family and friends.


Example of a traditional ceremony


Second part is a reception (party).

The wedding reception will take place at Toki Saigon Resort (Google Maps). This resort has sleeping places. So, if you wish, you can sleep at the resort for no charge, for three nights (the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding, night after).

After coming to reception, you can take a picture with us. After taking picture, you will be seated and enjoy the food, enjoy drinks, and listen to music.

Vietnamese wedding parties usually end sooner than European weddings, so most Vietnamese people will leave before 10 pm; however, our reception will be at the same place with the hotel that you can stay in, so it might take longer.

We will probably have some karaoke songs in the evening, in all languages.


Get here

To get here, you need two things. Visa and tickets.


For visa, you need to apply online. There are two types of visa - one is “visa-on-arrival”, that is more complicated and is necessary only if you stay here for longer, than 1 month, and if you plan to enter border multiple times.

The other, easier way is to apply for “online visa”. You need to apply here, and pay the fee by card . It’s fast, takes a week, at maximum about a month. Don’t just google “vietnam visa”, most of it are agencies, follow the link. The visa is valid only for 1 month, single entry.


From Czech Republic, I recommend Emirates, Qatar or Turkish Airlines. Emirates through Dubai, Qatar through Doha, Turkish through Istanbul. We can’t afford to pay tickets for everyone.

Let’s go!

Sai gon

Saigon is a modern city, and the traffic can get very busy. Streets are filled with motorbikes.

It’s very hot here - every day over 30, throughout the year. Expect a temperature shock.

The many shops and cafés and construction work everywhere are a great sight, however, it isn’t for everyone. There are some “conventional” tourists sightseeing places in the center, and some of the communist propaganda can remind people of our past. One can just go see the city and absorb the craziness and never-ending busy atmosphere, which one cannot see in Europe.

Saigon has a busy nightlife and you can hear Karaoke every night, everywhere.

We are sorry that we cannot afford to pay hotels for everyone beyond the three nights at the resort. There are thousands of hotels everywhere, with all kind of price and service, and we will happily show you some close to our place, or to the city center. However, bear in mind District 12, where both the ceremony and the reception happens, is quite away from the historical city center. (About 1 hour by taxi/bike. Saigon has no working public transport.)

We will provide sleeping at the wedding ceremony place (see above) for the two nights.

Video I made on a way to work


The wedding happens at Sunday, 24 November and takes whole day, from morning to evening. It is at District 12, Saigon, An Phú Đông area. Provided nights at the resort are night 23-24, 24-25, 25-26 November. You need an online visa, which costs 25 USD, and an airplane ticket here (and back).


When you have time, please confirm your name at this form .

And if you have more time, please also fill in fill in this second form, where we ask for how long you want to stay or which places you want to visit, so we can make people happier and maybe organize some group traveling around Vietnam.